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About Baby Booster Seats

Baby Booster Seats is an easy to use website where you can find everything you need to know about your sitting baby. Whether you are on the lookout for a seating solution for meal times indoors, for travel or for playtime outdoors, we’ve got you covered with all the relevant information and products. 


We are constantly on the lookout for noteworthy gear and we thoroughly analyse what is best for you and your child’s wellbeing.


  “We help you to offer your child only the best”  


Our story

Nicole, who is a mother of 3 beautiful children, has experienced the hurdles of finding the right baby gear for her sitting babies. She would find more reviews and product recommendations than she could handle, usually spread out over many different websites, each with their different style and truths. 

To get some help in finding the right products for her children, she asked her best friend Bert, who has a master in Industrial & Product Design. Bert knows a thing or two about product usability, product materials, ergonomics, safety and sustainability. 

He shared his knowledge with Nicole and this helped her in feeling more confident about her choices as a mother. This is where the idea for Baby Booster Seats was born, Nicole wanted to help other moms and dads around the world to make more confident choices for their sitting children.

Now Nicole and Bert both run where they share their knowledge and insights to help you to offer the best things for your child.

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