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Nicole is a mom of three with a background in sports and life sciences. In her daily work she is active as a student counselor and a sports teacher. She loves to retrain herself continuously, so she can be a better mom and confidant for both her children and the students at school.


For this reason I followed some additional courses that would allow me to support those kids in a more professional way. It took me several years and a lot of effort but I was determined to help the kids in my school the best I could.


After I got my certificates to become a student counselor, I started right away with this new position at the school I was working in. This has been such a fulfilling career switch for me, I could not have hoped for anything better as it is so rewarding to see those children achieve things they never thought possible.





Throughout the years as a sports teacher, I learned to read between the lines and gained more and more interest in the personal lives of the children in my school. I would find out that some children had issues at home that had a negative effect on their behavior and grades in school. 


As a mother I couldn't help but to empathize with those kids and I felt really sorry for them. One way or another I wanted to help them in their situation to make sure that they could finish school in the best possible way so they would have a good start in life. 

My career story


In terms of my career path I would say it’s a pretty straightforward one. I got my degree in sports and life sciences and I started working as a sports teacher in a high school right after graduating. 

During my early years as a sports teacher all the way up today, I also give evening classes in jazz dance. Dancing has always been a way to express myself and to give my creativity free reign. Over the years, this side career has given me some beautiful friendships that are here to stay.

Even though it is not recognized as a profession, I personally see my job as a parent to be the biggest part of my career path. Being a mother to 3 beautiful boys has been so intense, there is just nothing that compares to this. 


The energy you put into it, the energy you gain from it and the ever so steep learning curve is something that I’ve only encountered in being a mother. It’s kind of funny how the ones you are supposed to teach become your greatest teacher and boy have they teached me a lot!

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Recognition and awards

  • By far the most amazing mom of all times - Nicole's family

  • A great dancing teacher and a loving friend - The jazz dance group

  • A student counselor you can trust and who works with the  students interest in mind - Students who had the pleasure to get her help when times where though.


When I’m not helping others, I love to spend some time by myself in the garden, enjoying the warmth of the sun. It gives me time to process the events of the week and it allows me to reload my batteries. Before helping others, it is important to help yourself too every once in a while!


Of course, spending time with my family is the most important thing to me. Nothing beats the cosy moments at the dinner table with a self cooked meal, some personal stories and lots laughter.

Who is Nicole


I like to see myself as quite the average person but when it comes to making a choice in life, I always try to go at it with full passion because if you have to do something you might as well do it right. I guess it’s my perfectionism that is responsible for that.


Helping others in achieving their goals has always been my muse. Wherever I can, I will offer advice or assistance. Seeing a smile on someone's face after helping them out is all it takes.

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