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Editorial Policy


Our goal is to offer you objective, reliable and correct information concerning your sitting baby and all the relevant activities, products and services. Our mission on a day to day basis is to ensure that babyboosterseats offers you the most relevant and practical content that is beneficial for you as a parent and your child.


We devote ourselves to provide you with correct information regarding your sitting baby in the most broadest sense, therefore we rely on you to seek out and select the information that is most applicable to you and your child’s needs for any given activity or goal.


By no means is the editorial information meant to be a substitute for any professional or medical advice in the relevant field. Always look for professional advice from your pediatrician or other industry professionals. Never ignore the advice of your pediatrician or industry professionals in favor of information you retrieved from the babyboosterseats website.




How the original content created on is selected? provides original content based on the following criteria:


All information regarding your sitting baby and how to get the best for your child regardless of the specific activity, product or service you and your child are engaged with. We look out for breaking news, new product and service launches, product recalls and hazard issues as well as industry expert feedback.



The latest findings from scientific peer-reviewed journals like Pediatrics and gouvernemental sites like the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Federal Register or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or independent institutions like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the American Society for Testing and Materials.


Up to date 

All content must be up to date or updated to meet the latest standardisation and safety requirements. We strive to offer you the freshest information and any upcoming innovations in the most accessible and digestible way.



Why our content matters


We make sure to have the most reliable content on the topics provided by Our goal is to distinguish ourselves from other blogs as providers of credible, factual and up to date information.


Our articles are based on our editorial board’s selection of the most accurate and relevant data that is collected through interviews with professionals, scientific studies and field research conducted by independent researchers. We do not alter the information under the influence of any advertiser or brand for personal benefits. 


The editorial board holds the sole control over its content and publishing strategy to ensure content is offered with full integrity and in an independent manner.


Our content policy


It is paramount that content created and approved by our editorial board is not in any way affected by advertising companies or any other sources like vendors or sponsors. The content has to be based on facts and figures and cannot be biased in any way.


Advertisers and sponsors who conduct business with will only come in contact with staff that is focussed on the advertising side of the business. 


The editorial board holds the responsibility to provide unbiased, factual and substantiated information and to do this in the most comprehensive and approachable manner.

Third party content policy

All content provided by that is generated by third-parties has been reviewed and approved by our senior editorial board according to our editorial standards. 



Advertising is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to also participates in affiliate programs with other sites and a network of Advertisers. is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. 


Advertisements may be found in the following forms on our website: Badges, banners, text paragraphs and pictures or thumbnails. None of the advertisements is reviewed by our editorial board, nor is subjected to our Editorial Policy. Advertisers are responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of their advertising content.

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