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Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair. The wooden high chair that can literally grow old with your baby.

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Our Rating: 9,8/10

Get your Abii Beyond Wooden High Chair on Amazon

If you love products that seem to last forever then look no further. The Abii Beyond Wooden High Chair is here to stay, even if your children have become adults themselves!

This beautifully designed chair blends in nicely with your furniture and can be used by all members of the family, regardless of age.

We love that the chair is fully recyclable and that the beech wood mainframe is biodegradable. The manufacturer refused to use any harmful materials whatsoever: PVC-BPA-Phtthalate-Nitrosamine- Latex, Formaldehyde are out of the picture.

Let’s dive into the positive opinions of our environmentally conscious parents…


Although yhe base has a relatively small footprint, it still is very sturdy. A disabled child (2 years of age, so pretty strong) who rocks vigorously, was not able to wiggle the chair, making this chair especially suitable for kids with special needs.

It comes with the full package to keep the baby in place, a 5 or 3 point harness, a crotch post and a padding made of non sliding material.

Rounded edges and smooth corners makes this chair a perfectly save, lifetime companion.


This chair is designed to stay, even between meal times. The contemporary design and the small footprint allow it to blend in with your current dining setup. If you aren’t using it for your baby, simply adjust the seat and you can use it yourself.

The best thing yet, you don’t need any tools to adjust it! The removable tray cover, the tray and the cushion simply lock into the chair like a puzzle.

If your child wants to sit at the table with the rest of the family, just remove the tray and slide the chair next to the table, everybody happy!


Cleaning this puppy is very straightforward. Just use a damp cloth to wipe it down. The plastic cover is dishwasher safe and the straps can be thrown in the wash. The waterproof seat padding doesn't absorb any fluids so your baby can go nuts!


A Pediatric Speech Pathologist and Feeding and Swallowing Specialist actually uses this chair in her practice for therapy! She strongly recommends the seat for proper oral motor functioning during meal times for every child.

The rubbery seat material and the crotch post prevent sliding forward. The adjustable foot rest and the sturdy back support allow for a comfortable upright position, which in turn leads to ease of eating solids. (Yes, ergonomics is important for this!)

What moms and dads thought could be different:

The majority of parents are really thrilled with this chair, but there are some stumbling blocks you should know:

You can’t swivel the tray to take the baby out of the chair. This can be a bit tedious since the complete tray is on the heavier side.

The tray is also smaller than most High Chair trays so you need to think about the layout of your baby dishes. However it also means easy cleaning in the sink, you win some you loose some.

For some parents, the straps seem to be hard to adjust and they loosen on their own. They also have a lot of slack (which is good) without a convenient place for storage. Placing them under the cushion might be a solution for this.

Many height settings means many slots for positioning the seat. Unfortunately this also means many areas to trap food in.

This chair is on the heavy side, so it’s not suitable for living places where you need to store it in a separate room after every meal.

Get your Abii Beyond Wooden High Chair on Amazon

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