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Hiccapop Omniboost, the best Travel Booster Seat on the market.

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Our Rating: 9,4/10

Get your Portable Booster Seat on Amazon.

Who ever said that camping with children is a hassle?

Babies and toddlers LOVE camping, especially when they can sit on the Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat.

This Booster Seat is developed at Stanford University and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

As Beach-, travel- and camping fanatics we are absolutely fond of this product because it perfectly fulfills its purpose as a Travel Booster Seat. That is why we give it a top rating.

What users love about this product?


The design team of the Hiccapop Booster Seat putted a lot of effort in making the chair really safe. It has a standard wide base to ensure stability. When used on soft, uneven surfaces like a beach or lawn, you can mount the “duck feet” over the existing feet for additional security.

It has a 3Point harness that keeps your child safely seated, no matter what. In case you want to use it as a high chair, you can firmly fixate the chair with the additional straps onto the dining chairs.


An outdoor/travel Booster Seat needs to be easy to clean. And this one definitely is.

The Seat has a dishwasher safe swivel-tray and a removable, machine washable cover and straps. With these features cleaning is always a breeze so your kids can go berserk with their food, sand and mud.


Since this Booster Seat is designed for travel, convenience was listed high on the designers agenda.

The result is a super light weight (3.85 pounds) product that can be compacted to fit under a car seat or in a suitcase. It even comes with a nice storage bag with a shoulder strap for a relaxed walk to the beach.

The seat itself has a storage pocket in the back support, ideal to keep toys, sunglasses or a coloring book and pencils. The removable swivel-tray makes it easy for you moms and dads to lift the baby in and out of the chair.


When thinking about the ergonomics of the Hiccapop, we looked at the main use-case.

It’s designed for travelers, campers and parents who love a nice picnic outside. This means, short meals, play time on the beach or in the garden. For this, it fits the ergonomic requirements very well: light weight, compact and easy to carry with the strapped bag.

What users didn’t like?

The tray seems to be a bit finicky to add and remove, yet this means your child will not be able to remove the tray either.

The tray is smaller compared to other Booster Seat trays.

The straps for boosting this seat are a bit confusing as they are not permanently fixed to the product.

Get your Portable Booster Seat on Amazon.

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