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This is how you can choose the right Booster Seat for your child

Updated: May 21, 2020

Two women with a baby looking at a computer

If you want to purchase a Booster Seat many variants are available. The following ‘checkpoints’ will make it easier for you to find the one that is perfectly suitable for you and your child.


Safety is the number one priority when buying products for your child.

We recommend you to look for Booster Seats with a harness or belt system to strap in your child. For a little baby your safest choice is a 5-point harness, for toddlers you can choose a 3-point harness or a single belt.

Ideally the bottom of the Booster Seat is made of a non-slippery material for optimal grip.

Keep the design of your furniture in mind when scanning for a Booster Seat. Make sure you can install the Seat properly on your own chairs:

  • There should be at least two mounting straps for a motion free fixation. One strap goes around the bottom and the other one around the back of the chair.

  • The base of your chair has to be wide so there is no risk of tipping over. The bigger the surface area of the Booster Seat in contact with the seating of your chair, the better.

Before purchasing, always check the weight limits for each product.


Our golden rule is: the simpler the shape, the easier to clean! Seats with many corners and crevices collect more dirt and bacteria, these areas are also much harder to reach when cleaning.

We love the Booster Seats with removable parts such as dishwasher safe trays or washing machine safe harness-straps and seat covers. It’s easier to clean and you’re also sure all food & bacteria from last meals are completely gone.


If you would like to use the seat in different locations, lets say at home, at the grandparents or on holiday, you must take the size, foldability and the weight of the Booster Seat into account. There will be plenty of other baby stuff that you will need to fit into the room or the car.


Yes, babies like to sit comfortable as well!

Good ergonomics provides your child with instant enjoyable comfort and in the long run it supports an easy physical development.

The younger your baby is, the more padding and back support it will need. As your child grows a bit older, Booster Seats without back support and less padding can do the trick.


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