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The convertible High Chair, a real money saver!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Convertible high chair. Baby standing on a chair.

As we where talking to our parents about purchasing a High Chair for our child, we mentioned that nowadays, you can find such things as convertible High Chairs. So, my father in law asked us jokingly: “is that a High Chair with an open rooftop like you have on cars?

He just couldn’t believe the things people invent these days and didn’t understand what a convertible High Chair is supposed to be or why we should even need one in the first place. The truth be told, when we first heard about this, neither did we.

After we went to visit some stores and did our due diligence on the web, this is what we learned about the convertible High Chair category:

What is a convertible High Chair?

This is a High Chair that you can convert into a different type of seating by either adding or removing components. Depending on the options that you choose, your child can use this type of High Chair from infancy all the way up to adolescence, when he or she is ready to use an adult dining chair.

In the category of convertible High Chairs, there are many variants each with different set of options and perks. Below we will have a deeper look into these details and see why it might be a real money saver in the long run.

What seating options are available within the convertible High Chair category?

In order to fully wrap our heads around everything this category has to offer we’ve listed out all the seating options you can find within convertible High Chairs space. This way you can choose the options that fit your needs and have a more targeted hunt for the perfect convertible High Chair for you and your child.

Convertible High Chair seating options:

1. Infant floor Booster Seat (mountable on a dinging Chair)

2. Infant High Chair (sometimes with and without a reclining function)

3. Infant Booster Seat (mountable on a dinging Chair)

4. Toddler Booster Seat

5. Youth Stool

6. Kitchen Step Stool (ideal for kids who like to help in the kitchen)

7. Big kid table and chair. (the tray can be converted into a table top)

8. A combination of both a Booster Seat and a Youth Stool.

Some convertible High Chairs have multiple of these options in a single design, this means you only purchase one High Chair with all the additional benefits.

This is when a convertible High Chair is the right choice for you.

Once we looked in to this category for a little while, we asked ourselves: “do we even need a convertible High Chair?” All these seating solutions in one product, is that really necessary?

In short: No, we don’t ‘need’ a convertible High Chair and some of them are completely overkilled in terms of the options you get.

However, it is a category that is worthwhile looking into. Once you’ve clearly defined what it is that you are looking for and what the use cases are in your family life, you can find a very useful convertible High Chair that makes parenting just a bit easier.

Here below we added some statements to help you decide if a convertible High Chairs is useful for you:

Convertible High Chairs are a great solution for parents:

1. Who have two children with little age difference:

If you have two children that are close in age, then a convertible High Chair might be for you. Some convertible High Chairs allow you to have two children seated at the same time. You can use the Booster Seat for your youngest child while your older child can take a seat in his Youth Seat.

2. Who are on the go from time to time:

Convertible High Chairs can offer a unique solution for parents who love to visit friends and family every now and then. They often have a separate Booster Seat functionality embedded, which means you don’t have to buy a separate travel option for your little sprout. You can just pop out the Booster and leave the rest of the High Chair at home and you are all set to get going.

3. Who don’t like to plow through hundreds of products to find what they need:

If you like to spend quality time with your family and friends rather than scoping the web for yet another seat for your child, then a convertible High Chair is what you need. Once you find the right model, you can purchase everything you and your child need within one product and from the same brand. The feeling of knowing what you get and what to expect is worthwhile the extra investment.

4. Who love to have multiple options without a lot of clutter to store:

Convertible High Chairs offer multiple seating solutions for about the same volume as a standard High Chair. All the components fit nicely together in one package for nice and easy storage.

5. Who are okay with making a little upfront investment for a long-lasting product:

If you want to buy a seating solution for your child that lasts until he or she can use an adult dining chair, then a convertible High Chair is a valid option. The initial cost is a bit higher than most standard High Chairs, but the longer lifespan compensates for that price difference. If you add the time and money it takes to find separate solutions, then a convertible High Chair becomes a very sensible choice for the long run.

Are convertible High Chairs safe?

Yes, convertible High Chairs are safe. That is, if they carry the safety standard labels (For America: ASTM F404-18; for Europe: EN 14988) and the product is being used as is intended by the manufacturer. This information can be found in the user guidelines that are delivered with the product or can be found on the manufacturer website.

We do have a word of caution here. Convertible High Chairs have multiple settings which creates more room for error. If you change the layout of the High Chair many times, mistakes are easier to be made. So, always check and double check to make sure everything is installed the way it should be, before your child can use the product.

Convertible High Chairs vs standard High Chairs, a comprehensive comparison.

In the below table we created an overview to show you all the differences between a standard High Chair and a convertible High chair. As you can see in the cost per year calculation, convertible High Chairs can be a more cost-effective long-term solution, depending on the model that you choose.

Our favorite Convertible High Chair of 2020

Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair

We love Graco for the quality and the level of details they offer in their product range and this Graco Blossom 6-in-1 is no exception to that.

At a price point of only about $150, it is a slightly bigger investment than a standard High Chair. However, the fact that you get a seating solution for your child until she or he is ready to transfer to a grown-up chair, makes it worth while to spend a bit extra in the beginning.

The following functions allow you to utilize this High Chair from birth all the way up to adolescence: Infant High Chair with recline; standard High Chair; Infant Booster; Toddler Booster; Youth Chair.

The best part is that you can use multiple combinations to have two of your sprouts seated at the same time:

1. High Chair + Toddler Booster Seat

2. Infant Booster + Youth Stool

3. Toddler Booster + Youth Stool

As you can see, with this High Chair you will never have a seating crisis again, even if you have two children.

The only thing we think could have been solved differently is the way the Toddler Booster has to be stored. They could’ve designed it in such a way that the Booster is attached to the framework. This would allow you to easily move the High Chair and all its components altogether.

Besides this minor negative point, a great High Chair for an honest price.

Check the current price on Amazon here…

So, there you have it. This was our take on the versatile category of convertible High Chairs.

We hope this article helps you to decide if a convertible High Chair is for you. If it did and you know of somebody who is having the same doubts as you, then please share this article and help us spread the love.

Thanks for reading!!

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