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The OXO Tot Sprout High Chair is solid as a rock!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Our Rating: 8,4/10

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When we see the name OXO we immediately think about nicely designed products. The OXO Tot Sprout is no exception to that! They gave this High Chair a minimalist, well balanced look that blends in nicely with the rest of your kitchen furniture.

We have to admit this is not the cheapest High Chair on the market, but OXO is a reputable brand with an outstanding customer service. Many parents keep mentioning this in their reviews over and over again.

Let’s find out what design minded parents love about this eye-catcher…


The first thing they noticed is how solid this product feels! Even though it has a relatively small footprint, tipping this puppy over is close to impossible. The strong wooden base and the sturdy plastic seat can hold up to 60 pounds of weight, which is more than enough for using it as a youth chair.

The high back support, a crotch post and 5-point harness keep your child nicely in place.

There are no crevices or latches where your child can get its fingers stuck nor can your child remove the tray by itself. Your child is safe and you have peace of mind.


The soft and simplistic shapes of the seat, the tray and padding, together with the flat surfaces of the wooden base allow for easy cleaning by using a damp cloth.

It’s a fabric free padding so it won’t absorb any fluids and the Velcro connection of the padding to the seat allows you to quickly clean underneath.

The removable tray cover is dishwasher safe and the harness straps are smooth like car safety belts making intermediate cleanups a breeze.


You will need some basic tools (screw drivers) to install this chair, but after that, every adjustment becomes tool free and super easy to do.

With the OXO Tot High Chair, removing the tray single handed is super easy and works like a charm, even after several months of intensive use.

Although the chair has no wheels, the small footprint and the weight average of a normal dining chair make it very convenient and easy to handle, especially in smaller places.

The fact that you can convert this chair to a youth chair takes away the hassle of having to search and buy another product later on.


We love that you can adjust the height of the seat and the position of the tray to grow with the chair, all without a single tool.

Your child will love the soft cushioning and the roomy space between the tray and belly. There is plenty of leg space and it has an adjustable foot rest, no wonder kids feel so comfortable on the OXO Tot.

Let’s look at what parents thought was lacking…

All its features are executed well, but considering the higher price, some parents feel there should have been some extra’s to reach the level of perfection:

It lacks a 3-point harness and a belt feature, even though the 5-point harness is perfectly safe, some additional options are desired.

You can’t fold the base of the chair so you will have to keep the footprint size in mind when purchasing the OXO Tot High Chair.

There is no recline function so napping needs to be done elsewhere.

Here are some additional maintenance tips we’ve found in the reviews:

Only clean the lower tray with a damp cloth, submerging it will trap water inside which in turn results in mold and a malfunctioning locking system.

The Velcro that holds the cushion to the seat is hard to clean when food gets stuck on it, some people use an old tooth brush to get everything out.

If you clean the padding or in case of a spill. You have to make sure the bottom of the padding is absolutely dry as there are no ventilation slots on the bottom to ventilate.

Get your OXO Tot Sprout on Amazon

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