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Upseat Baby Chair Booster Seat: The most ergonomic option for your child!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Our Rating: 9,3/10

Get your Upseat Ergonomic Booster Seat on Amazon.

The Upseat Baby Chair really blows some new winds in the landscape of Booster Seats. It has been featured in the Dragon’s Den and the investors where so enthusiastic about this booster seat that they all offered funding to launch this product!

Our research shows that the people who bought it share the same consensus, this is truly a good investment for the future of your child! For us, this is the best Ergonomic Booster Seat on the market right now.

What is so good about this product?


When it comes to safety, the Upseat Baby Chair has everything in check. Two long straps with buckles allow you to safely convert the chair into a Booster Seat. A 3-point harness safeguards your child during the use of the seat.

The wide base makes sure that the seat won’t tip over when your child starts moving around.


There are no moving parts, no hinges and no crevices so cleaning is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth. Both the straps and the tray are removable for easy cleaning.


The Upseat Baby Chair has all the right ingredients for a high convenience score. The chair is super light weight, very compacted and has a handle implemented in the back support.You will never leave the house without that chair!

It is super easy to add the little feeding tray. The suction cup toys that comes with it can be mounted with a little push so… no more picking up toys every 10 seconds!


This is where the Upseat Baby Chair really starts shining! It has been developed together with leading physiotherapists and the results show for it.

The overall design is nicely rounded and it has a high back support so it’s really comfortable for children to sit in the chair for extended periods of time.

Leg openings are wide enough and the tray is placed higher so there is enough space for the legs to wiggle around.

A forward tilted seating surface helps your baby to have good posture. Hunching over will be a thing of the past and your child can properly develop the right muscles for sitting up straight.

In fact, this feature is so good that it’s even recommended for children with a lesser muscle tone. Parent’s of a child with Down Syndrome wrote in a review that the Upseat was the only product on the market that allowed their angel an upright posture, talking about good ergonomics!

Important note:

Even though it is the best Booster Seat in terms of ergonomics, for your child's health it is best not to start with a Booster Seat (or a High Chair) too soon. If you like to know more about the right starting age to use a Booster Seat or High Chair, please have a look at this article that we wrote here.

What people didn’t fancy about the Upseat.

The buckle of the 3-point harness is positioned between the crotch post and the belly which makes the buckling and unbuckling a bit of a pinching hazard.

Some people find the tray a bit cumbersome to remove, yet some children managed to partly remove the tray by themselves.

The price of the seat is above average but considering the health benefits are above average too, it's worth the extra investment!

Get your Upseat Ergonomic Booster Seat on Amazon.

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