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These are the different type of booster seats.

Updated: May 11, 2020

Little child sitting on a Baby Bosster Seat

Generally speaking there are two main categories:

A.For in- and around the house

B.For in the car

It’s the age and size of the child that determine the type of seat that is required. In any case, your child must be able to fully support its own head and sit in an upright position without support before using a Booster Seat.

1.Booster Seats with back and side support:

For children aged 7 months up to 18 months, Booster Seats are designed with the highest level of back and side support. This will help them to sit comfortably while mastering the art of eating or playing.

2.Booster Seats without back support:

Starting at the age of 12 months your child becomes a bit stronger and keeping its balance becomes less of a challenge. Booster Seats with a sturdy bottom seat and no back support are a perfect option. These seats are less bulky and easier to transport.

3.Booster Cushions:

Once your child grows further into toddlerhood, they will do just fine with a Booster Cushion that can be strapped onto an existing chair.

Of course, all of the above mentioned type of seats come with a number of options and accessories, such as trays, removable cushions, storage space,…


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